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Los calcetines primero

Just taken up knitting again after my first attempt ( which involved the knitting being thrown across the room after dropping a stitch and not being able to fix it). This time is different; think I've got the hang of it. I was inspired by a friend of mine after seeing a knitting magazine of hers. It was Let's Knit and they had a whole section on socks; the idea of double pointed needles was a bit daunting but I just had to have a go. I went next day to buy it and you get a free pack of dpn with the magazine. Got some Regia 4 ply sock yarn and by the end of the weekend I had knitted my first pair of socks (one or two hiccups along the way - picking up the stitches was a bit haphazard). I love the self-patterning yarn so easy to make but the finished sock looks super. The pattern came free with the yarn. My fiancee, Jim, really liked them too so I went and got 6ply Regia yarn and made him a pair. I'll post a photo of them later when I can get him to model them.