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Woolfest Haul 2011

Just got back from a wonderful weekend away in the Lakes. I went to Woolfest and spent far too much money but brought back with me enough goodies to keep me going for some time. I got 3 rovings from FeltStudioUK; 2 were bfl/silk mix (the pink/red and yellow one and the purple and green one) and 1 Falkland (which is the bright multicoloured one) Two 100g pastel dyed shetland rovings and a soft green BFL and teal Shetland from Wheeldale. Planning on making a big scarf from the shetland ones and some fair isle mitts with the other two Two more Kromski bobbins for my Sonata from Wingham Woolworks Some wooden sock blockers from Laal Bear, the sock on the blockers is a work in progress. Wanida by Cookie A. The skein of wool is sock wool from Freyalyn Fibers and is Khaki and Grey and called Merlin which I thought would be ideal for Hubby A cake of striped sock wool from Sparkleduck in purple and green A gorgeous kilt pin and stag's head buttons from Textile Garden And finally