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Holly and the Wee Mouse

I bought (among many other things) a kit from Sue Stratford at Yarndale. She has many gorgeous and sweet kits. I got the Chunky Holly kit. I quickly got started and after only a couple of nights work. I have a fabulous chunky holly. And if you can see her hiding behind the berries, a wee little mouse. All the materials are included in the kit. The little mouse is made from angora, so she is lovely and fluffy. One interesting surprise was because of the sewing down the centre of the stuffed leaf, it’s mouldable. The leaves stay in the position that you put them in. There’s a range of other Christmas based kits too. Including a chunky robin and a Christmas tree tea cosy . If you’re based around Cleethorpes, then you can get your own kit from A Good Yarn or if you are elsewhere in the world, then you can get them directly from Sue Stratford at the Knitting Hut It has quite an interesting construction that makes them look so good with the cent

Yarndale 2015

I’m very sorry for the radio silence over the summer but my workload was very high and something had to give. Unfortunately for you guys, it was the blog. I’m going to try and get back into the groove of blogging. I want to try and blog weekly like I’ve done for the past few years but have a feeling that it may not happen as often as I like. I’ve done lots of knitting and even a bit of crochet. The camera has been out lots and I’ve been sharing a few bits on Instagram . I’m @hardybarn on there and please follow me, if you’d like to. I meant to do this blog last week but there was a bit of procastinating going on. Some friends and I hired a cottage near Skipton for Yarndale weekend. I must say it was rather fab having a knitting weekend. Yarndale was as good as ever. The sun was shining and I’ve been saving up all year, so I had plenty of pennies to spend. There was too much fun and chatting going on for me to remember to take photos, but here’s my haul. I bought