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New (and free) Pattern: Winter Grove

You said free? Why, yes I did. Winter Grove is a cute and simple tree pattern. Perfect for this time of year, whether you want to make a table centre or a hanging ornament.  The biggest tree in the pattern is done using the helical knitting technique. Can you tell I'm all about the helical knitting at the minute? There's videos and a few tips within the pattern too, so hopefully enough info to give it a go if you've never tried it before. If you want a bit more info and want to try it on socks, then try out Scrapix - the Scrappy Helix sock pattern that I released last week. If helical knitting doesn't interest you then there are variations to try. Whether, they're striped, colour-blocked or just plain. The yarn used in the pattern is Baa Ram Ewe Pip Anyway, get yourself a free tree !

New Pattern: Scrapix

Scrapix , the “portmanteau” of Scrappy Helix, are worked using scraps of yarn using helical knitting to prevent any seam or jog. The pattern includes videos and lots of tips; all the test knitters got on really well with the helical knitting.  Helical knitting is a quite a simple technique but can sometimes feels daunting. There are quite a few questions about what to do in certain circumstances that pop up as you are knitting. The pattern has these questions (and the answers to them) at the relevant points throughout the pattern. I've written it in this format, so you can quickly read the question and see if it's relevant or not  —  that way you don't need to read everything. The socks are worked toe-up, allowing complete versatility on the yarn you use and the pattern includes 3 choices of toes to suit every toe type and knitting skill. Scrapix is a pattern that was written awhile ago and I was always a little unsure about releasing it, since the helical knitting made the