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Here are a couple of vistas from near Berwick-Upon-Tweed. Berwick-Upon-Tweed View of Berwick-Upon-Tweed & Bamburgh Castle in the distance On our way home, we got to Lindisfarne (Holy Island) when the the tide was out - so we had time to cross, have a walk around and get back before high tide. There was plenty of wallflowers out... ...even some in the church walls. There was a lot of old ship hulls that have been made into huts Lots and lots of lobster pots Sea thrift We were sat on the coastline and I'm sure I could hear seals. I took a photo of another island nearby. It looked like it had a rocky coast line but it was seals. About a minute later, there was one bobbing it's head up on the coast where we were sat. Stained Glass in the church Lindisfarne Castle The weather was pretty decent too, and I have a load more photos. For such a small island, there was plenty of interesting scenery. Th


I was a bit quiet last week because we had a few days in Scotland, including a day trip to Edinburgh. We really lucked out with the weather - clear blue skies most of the day. I had my camera with me and was snapping photos. Mr thought it was hilarious the looks I was getting for taking pictures of manholes and cobbles; especially with all the beautiful scenery around and I was taking pictures of the floor! Edinburgh Castle Found a wool shop Look at those blue skies Everything was in bloom How many fires did this house have? We had a fab day - lots of walking, lovely food and beautiful weather. Plus a little bit of wool too! I even heard a bagpiper play the Star Wars Theme.

Wonderful Wonderwool

Sorry for the alliterative title, couldn't resist. With an offhand comment to Mr, "That it's Wonderwool Wales this weekend and wouldn't it be nice to go." His response being, "Why can't we?". So we did. Bit bonkers. 10 hours of driving in total but it was lovely weather and we had a good day. I was relatively restrained with my purchases. Here's what I bought: Rachel Coopey's new book, Coopknits Socks, and some sock yarn. The bronze one is Fyberspates Vivacious 4ply and fivemoons Luna 4ply 50g hanks in Denim and Pumpkin and a little mini one too. The scotch eggs were fab! I can finally show you a finished project, which just happens to be a Coopknits pattern!  John Huston in Posh Yarn Megan 4ply, just in time for a birthday present.