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Pattern Focus: Navelli

Navelli was a lovely top to knit. I love combining colours in a project and I'm particularly thrilled with this combination.  I'd originally bought all the colours from Lay Family Yarn. The original lighter skein that I wanted to use had a greener tone but I realised how perfect a match the Ephemera skein was from Mr B. It has touches of the burgundy in it and has a warmer tone too.
The coffee-coloured is Macchiato and the burgundy is Forager. Both are from Lay Family Yarn.  The base for all of them is 75% merino / 25% nylon  and 425m/100g.

These colours are a bit of a departure for me (in terms of what I normally wear) but I'm absolutely thrilled with it. Can't be serious all the time. Can we? 
I worked the 5th size which gave me about 8" of positive ease. I didn't modify a huge amount in the pattern. My gauge was a little off 25 x 36 instead of 24 x 30; though it's a pattern where the sizing doesn't need to be hugely precise.
I used a larger needle on the …

Tutorial: Working out stitch count in shaped knitting [includes calculator]

Okay, so this is quite a mathy tutorial. I wanted to share this, in a knitting context, because I've found it to be quite useful. There is a calculator at the bottom, so (hopefully) it can do the working out for you.
This is something that I’ve researched as I was very unsure that I would have enough yarn to finish a shawl I was working on. 
I was able to work out relatively easily how many stitches I needed to complete the shawl and whether I had a enough yarn to work another repeat. I’ve used it quite a few times since then, when yarn quantity was a bit tight; plus, it's very helpful in designing too. Measuring Yarn in Grams/M/YdsKnowing how many stitches is only useful, if you know how much yarn you need to work X number of stitches. There are quite a few ways of working this out. I’ve mentioned one of them before when I working out yarn amounts for intarsia. It’s the same principle here. 
In that tutorial, I explained how to measure out a metre or y…