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This is a bit slow in the writing but last week, we had a Knitmas event at A Good Yarn . Kate and Ruth from Practical Publishing came for the evening to give a talk. There was games, food and fun. Kate Heppell is the editor of Knit Now magazine and her talk was on the process of making a design from inception to publication in the magazine. It was very interesting and they brought lots of lovely samples to show us. We had a prize draw and a couple of competitions – how many stitches can you cast on in a minute and how many rows can you knit blindfolded in two. Lots of hilarity ensued as you can imagine. We’d prepared lots of knitting kits and many of them had a Christmas theme. There’s an advent calendar in the shop for customers this month. The first customer that spends the first £10 of the day gets to open the calendar. I had a peek – the prizes are good. The window display this year is pretty cool. Every