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Showing posts from July, 2012

Lovely Weekend

We had a lovely weekend with a day trip to Lincoln; where some scrumptious wool was bought and some wool wash. Plus a very large chisel of some sort for Mr. which I'm sure will get plenty of use on the lathe. I started a new project; as my current one's aren't particularly car friendly. It's going to be a scarf and it uses King Cole Galaxy DK in a very zingy pink! Sunday was a full day out in the sunshine at Horncastle for their Family Fun Day. Our archery club ran a Have a Go at archery and we were non-stop all day. Lots of interesting people and nice sunshine.

Photo Shoot

 I had a lot of help with my photoshoot for my DROPS blanket. M's magic hands arranging the props! Somebody else decided they wanted to help as well. Apparently they have aspirations to be a model too!