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Sorry that I've been a bit quiet. I’ve not done a huge amount of knitting recently, so I’ve not had so much to talk about. I do have a finished object to show you. It’s a vanilla pair of socks. The yarn is Sirdar ’s new Heart and Sole sock yarn and the pattern is the one that’s on the inside of the ball band. The colour is Hyper Hyper 105 and I really like the yarn. It’s not a fluffy yarn, it has some body to it and from first appearances, it looks like it would wear well. The pattern was quite nice too. It has an extra long rib so it can be turned down, if desired and both the toe and the heel has slipped stitches. The long colour changes make a change from a lot of sock yarns and I think it could hold a pattern and still be seen. A lot of these fair isle effect sock yarns make any pattern very difficult to see. This shawl is a work in progress and think it will be for some time, as I’ve got lots of other knitting to do first. The pattern is Rendevous Shawl