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Pile o' knits

I've been knitting lots recently and have this big pile o' knits. There's lots of different bits in that pile; baby cardigan, baby vest, fingerless mitts, socks, bandana, shawl and a moebius cowl. A pair of vanilla socks (my pattern)... And this is what is currently on my needles... It's a baby vest. It's a sort of a made up pattern, with the inspiration being from a photo of something similar. I do like a bit of stranded knitting! The yarn is Rowan Milk Cotton and is just lovely to knit with but unfortunately has been discontinued by Rowan. The only thing is now I love this so much I want a grown up one for me.

Painted Rocks

I've always had a fascination with painted rocks. My aunt used to paint for Royal Crown Derby and she painted the most beautiful things, including a large stone, which we use as a doorstop.  With all the trending on Pinterest about painted rocks I had to have a go. This pin in particular inspired me. A long search of the garden later... This is what I did: Clean the rocks well with a toothbrush. Remove any sand or dirt I freehanded the pictures but you could draw them on in pencil first I used a fine rigger brush and acrylic paint to paint the design. Finally, I coated them in a thin layer of glossy Mod Podge. Here's the finished result in the lovely Tulipwood bowl that Mr made for me.

Creative Filofax

I'm not entirely sure why but I dug my Filofax out of the cupboard and have started using it again. I thought I'd try and add a bit of creativity to it and make it more personal. I bought some washi tape and stickers from Riky and Nina . Washi tape and stickers The packs of stickers are great if you just want a little bit for journalling or scrapbooking etc. Each page has four thicker strips, two thin ones and four circles. I bought a pack of plain and some with cool details ( e.g. the sticker has ticket stubs, barcodes, music on them ). I used the stickers to redo the dividers to something more suitable for my needs. I'll use the rest as I continue to use it. Remade Filofax dividers Then I had a little fun with the washi tape. I bought a cute panda one and some pretty yellow flower tape. Washi tape  I wanted some sticky notes in my filofax but the official one wasn't quite what I wanted plus I had some nice geometric ones already. So I made