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Showing posts from March, 2009

Honeycomb Socks

Honeycomb Socks Finished my Honeycomb Socks; made from Anne Campbell's Circle Sock pattern from Ravelry. I really love the finished effect. I made them for my Mum using the Kaffe Fas sett Regia sock wool. Absolutely love the wool the colours are just fantastic. I really like the effect of the 3D circles on the socks too. They weren't difficult to knit at all. Basically it was just knit and purl with a few slipped stitches to make the circles. Mum loves them and they fit really well. Took a bit of adjusting to get the stripes to marry up; don't think they were perfectly matched but close enough.

Myrtle Leaf Beginnings

Started the Myrtle Leaf Shawl from the Victorian Lace Today. Took a few froggings to get on track. Had big metal needles to start with and the stitches kept falling off. Got some gorgeous Knit Pick circular needles from Get Knitted and seem to be getting on a lot better know. I've done a 4 repeats of the pattern and I'm starting to see how it works and whether I've made a mistake or not (which helps to prevent the frogging?). The Heirloom Merino seems to suit the pattern quite well. Looking at the yarn used in book it seems to be near enough identical in size. It's really soft and I like the fact that there are plenty of colours to choose from. Not just restricted to black, grey or white.