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That Christmas Jumper

Alas, it's been awhile between blogging yet again. Apologies. The latest all consuming project has been a commissioned Christmas Jumper for a friend. She's always wanted a rather naff sweater along the same lines as what Bridget Jones wore in the film. She's very tall and thin so it had to be a very long jumper too. After a bit of searching I couldn't find any ready made patterns that filled the brief so it had to be a design from scratch - which was daunting but also a lot of fun. It had to be long and include a reindeer and snowflakes and be as tacky as possible - hopefully the finished product does all that. I took her to my local yarn shop and we she bought the shop out with lots of bright and sparkly wool - I take no responsibility whatsover on the rather interesting colour choices! There's a cheeky bit of holly on the back as well as fair isle cuffs. There's a few more details on my project page on Ravelry.